Gezondheidsvoordelen van een aquarium huren

Gezondheidsvoordelen van een aquarium huren

In onderstaand artikel komen duidelijk de voordelen van een aquarium huren naar voren. Of het nu in een kantoor of een zorginstelling is: er is bewezen dat een huur aquarium een positieve invloed heeft op mensen. Tegenwoordig wordt er door bedrijven en instellingen gelukkig steeds beter gelet op het welzijn van medewerkers en bezoekers. Een huren van een aquarium past natuurlijk prima in deze denkwijze en is een verrijking voor iedere ruimte. Wij hopen dan ook dat u ons inschakelt om een aquarium te plaatsen en te onderhouden, u krijgt er geen moment spijt van.

Artikel: Health Benefits of Aquariums

Are you feeling stressed? Suffering from high blood pressure or insomnia? Research has shown that the calming sound of an aquarium and the peaceful motion of its inhabitants can provide a range of health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and calming nerves. Fish tanks are also entertaining and have been found to improve employee morale and productivity.

Aquariums can make very interesting ‘stand-out’ décor in hotel lobbies, restaurants, banks, medical and corporate offices, providing guests, clients and customers with endless entertainment and ambience while waiting to be served. Aquariums can also make relaxing and aesthetically pleasing focal points in family living rooms.

A nationwide survey conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association revealed that aquariums provide many health benefits in the workplace, including reduced blood pressure, lower stress levels and improved overall emotional and physical health. As a consequence, employees were happier, healthier, more motivated, creative and productive in the workplace.

Being around an aquarium with fish was found to reduce high blood pressure in seniors. Furthermore, studies found that after an aquarium was placed in the dining room seniors with Alzheimer’s ate notably more and required fewer supplements. Episodes of wandering, pacing and physical aggression also decreased. Research has also shown that heart attack victims who have pets live longer.

Children often like to watch fish swimming in an aquarium, and research has found that this has a calming effect, even when the children suffer from hyperactivity disorders.

Psychologists also find animals to be a helpful addition to therapy. Fish tanks have been used to help soothe agitated feelings and fish can also be used metaphorically in therapy discussions.

Dental patients who viewed an aquarium prior to treatment were found to experience the same benefits as patients who underwent hypnosis and require less pain medication.

Feng Shui teachers advocate having an aquarium in the home and office because it brings in water, one of the five elements of earth, and creates tranquillity and harmony by generating positive energy. The presence and movement of water is believed to bring wealth, prosperity and good fortune, with goldfish in particular believed to help boost finances.


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